What are you lying about?

So I dream. I dream a LOT! And I have periods of time, usually a couple of weeks, where all I do is dream when I'm asleep. It's like watching movies all night long and not much rest happens. And I have crazy crazy dreams! Sometimes I remember my dreams. Sometimes I remember them just as I'm waking up and I'll groggily tell Mike and he always looks at me as if I'm completely nuts (and I am, let's be honest!). Anyway this morning I had a very interesting dream, and I actually remember a good portion of it. I won't give you all the details because then you'll know I'm crazy. But there was one part I thought was particularly interesting. In the dream I was up for a new position at work (which by the way was not my real work AT all!!!). I was going to become a goal coach (which is actually what I pretty much do now). And in a company meeting they announced my promotion and wanted me to say a few words. So I got up and said a bunch of blah blah blah that I don't really remember. But I made one point that I do. I said that everyone lies to themselves about something. And my job as a goal coach is to help the person figure out what it is they are lying to themselves about. Because usually this "lie" is what holds us back from doing bigger and greater things. As I woke up, I thought, you know - that's really true! I started pondering on what it is that I lie to myself about and found that there are many. Some are just little white lies, enough to keep me from doing easy things - and to allow others to do them for me. Some are much larger and painful. I think that to face our lies and face the truth I will be a better person. We would all be better people, and wouldn't let them hold us back anymore. So ask your self, "What am I lying about?" today!



Wes said…
Sam, I am so impressed with your blog! 9 Lbs hooraw! You must have got your movie dreams from me. I also have crazy dreams. Thanks for your insights. Love you more!
Linda Lou said…
Sam ... I'm sooo impressed with your decision to join Weight Watchers and lose your 100 pounds this year! I'm rootin' for you girl friend. Ever need support or want to chat ... I'm just a phone call away. Love Yu - Linda

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