A story teller, and the point...

Haha, anyone who knows me knows I love to tell stories (true stories). Well my last post I got so into the story, that I forgot to mention that all those pictures of me are some of my "skinny" pictures and are my motivation and they help me to visualize my goal. That is such an important step in being able to achieve something, is being able to see yourself as you want to be, or having what it is you want. When you can taste it, see it, smell it, feel it, etc. I think it's easier to stay the course and continue to work for it. It's when we lose sight of it, that we fall of track. There is a fine balance between keeping your eye on the end goal, and also enjoying the journey.
As I was downloading those pictures, I came across some other fun "skinny" pictures of me and some family on my mom's computer, so I just thought I'd share those with you for fun. Hope they don't mind!! Enjoy! :)

These are my two brothers, Brett and Ryan. They are 7 and 6 years older than me. So growing up I mostly remember them just picking on me, haha. However I have really enjoyed spending time with them as we've grown older and cherish their friendship!

Ryan and me

My mom and me, you’re never too old to sit on your mom's lap! I love you more!!!!

This is my nephew Tyler, he just turned 5 in October - wow time goes fast!! I have to say I like the look of a baby in my arms. I fully expect to have a similar picture like this in about a year and nine months. A year to lose 100lbs, and nine months.... well you get the idea.

This is a picture of me with my mom's parents, Grandma & Grandpa Richards, at my Seminary graduation. They both passed away while I was in Alaska, I miss them terribly! Love to both of them!

This is one of my bridals. One of my goals has always been to fit in my wedding dress better than when I actually got married. There was a slight hiccup with the tailoring of it and then I had gained about 5-10lbs. It didn't look bad, but I couldn't breathe in it. I've always said that when I get back into it, I want Mike to rent a tux and limo and we will go out to a really nice restaurant and go dancing. I don't know if I'd actually do that in my wedding dress, but I would buy some kind of prom dress. It would be fun to have an adult prom though, anyone want to play???

This is my Cousin Sarah coming to visit me when I returned from Alaska. We don't get the chance to see each other very often, but we've recently been reunited it seems through blogging! She is an amazing woman and is stronger than she knows! I love you Sarah!

This is about three weeks into dating Mike. We went to Vernal for his good friends wedding where he was the best man (hence the tux). Isn't he a hotty!!!! Whew!!! As the wedding began and he came down the stairs with some other chick (one of the bride's maids) on his arm, I thought, WOW, I can't believe this guy is dating me and totally got the butterflies! He is so dang HOT!! I still think that to this day!!! I can't believe he chose me. I love you honey!
This is Mike's sister Miriam and I at that same wedding. We had met once before, but really got to spend some time together on this trip and became good friends! We looked good Miriam!! :)

This is my cousin Kira last year. We were working on weight loss together, and I couldn't do a family tour without her, I love her to pieces!! She is a super strength to me and I'm sooo glad she's in my life!
One more...
This is Liana and I in California last summer. I was down about 25lbs at the time. Liana and I have been best friends since she was in Kindergarten and I was in first grade. Although we would sometimes grow apart, we always ended up back in the same group of friends.

Obviously this is not all of my cherished family, but these are just the pictures that I came across. Sorry, I just love my family so much and they give me so much strength. They offer a lot of positive support and I couldn't do this without them. There is one person whose picture is missing that should definitley be here, and that's my dad. I have a specific one in mind; I've just got to find it! He is such a wonderful man and a good example to me. I love you dad, watch for your pic soon! :)

Have a great day everyone, do something positive for yourself and tell your family you love them!


Sarah said…
Oh my goodness - I made it on your blog....and with some of the most thoughtful comments ever. You are such a doll - thank you sweets. I love you!
Deborah said…
Hey Sam!
I love your blog! Maybe next year (or even this year if you want) you could come to the military ball in SLC. It is open to the public. You can dress up fancy if you want too. Hubby and I are going this year because I finally fit into the formal I wore to the first m.ball he took me to just after we got engaged. If you want more info about it, email me!
Hugs to you.

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