The Plan for goal number two, to loose 100lbs

Well, now begins my planning stage of how I am going to accomplish my goals. They are lofty, but I think doable. Weight wise, I plan to lose 10lbs in January & February. Then for the rest of the year it will be 8lbs a month. Obviously there are plateaus to consider and such things, but I have a plan for that too. Normally I'm able to follow an eating plan religiously for about 3 months. Then I start to plateau, get frustrated, and stop. So this time, I'm going to have a different eating plan in the wings. So as soon as my body stops loosing weight, I'll switch things up on it. I think this will keep the weight coming off, and keep my mind engaged. I plan to start with Weight Watchers, and then switch to South Beach. I'm not sure on the other two it will take, maybe back to Weight Watchers, or maybe something different. In any case, I will probably continue to attend the meetings through out the year for added support. I love to plan out my week's menu, and go shopping, so as long as I religiously do that, I think I can stay on target.

I also plan to include exercise in the plan. To start off for the first month or so I will be doing videos here at home. We have Net Flix, which not only gives us unlimited movies, but also has work out videos. I also have elastic bands, weights, and an exercise ball. So I pretty much have a in home gym. ;) Then in probably March, we'll rejoin the gym again. I also am going to be saving some money earned from my Pampered Chef business to pay for a trainer for later in the year. I know that the first 20 or 30lbs will be relatively easy. The higher up I go, the harder it becomes. So I will eventually hire a trainer to help me stay in the game.

Some of the things I really am looking forward to doing this year that I haven't been able to do in the past are: I would love to run a couple of 5k races this year. Also I REALLY would love to be able to snowboard with Mike next winter. I just don't have the leg strength to get up when I fall now, but I will then. I plan to take lessons and really get into it with him. Shhhh, don't tell! The other big thing I would love to do is take ballroom dance lessons with him. I know I could do that now, but it will be kind of a reward thing. I also am looking forward to hiking a lot! And I would love to go on some backpacking trips for camping as well. We are hoping that Willow will be big enough that we could take her with us on things like that.

Well that's the plan, and some of the extra rewards I'm looking forward to. Now I'm off to plan next week's menu and to go grocery shopping. I've got work to do!



Brett Thompson said…
Sam, these are some fantastic goals. I know you can achieve them, you will achieve them. Work hard and stay focused. Print out a mission photo of when you came home so you can visualize what you are working toward. Remember, you have been there once, you can get there again. One thing that has worked for me is remembering it is a LIFEstyle change. Not just a fad to lose some weight. You are retraining your mind and body to live healthy. Good job sis! I am proud of you.
Brett and Ali said…
Hi Sam! Great blog. If you need help with southbeach, Brett and I are doing it again, and know quite a lot about it... Last time, we each lost about 35 pounds in just a few months. It is an awesome goal to be more healthy. Good luck! I will be here cheering you on!

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