Fashion Sense....

So we hired a new person at work. His name is Evariste and he is a great guy. We all like to tease him a little, because he is so fashionable. Seriously, this guy can dress! It got me thinking yesterday about my own clothing selections. Yesterday I was wearing this shirt, that although I love it, it makes me look seriously pregnant (which to add insult to injury, I'm NOT!). It got me thinking about shopping and choosing clothes. I have always thought that I don't really have a very good fashion sense, but I realized something yesterday. It's not because I don't have it, but because when you wear "plus" sizes your choices are very limited. What is the deal with that???! Don't heavy people deserve to feel good about what they are wearing? How come clothing designers always save the most hideous material and cuts of clothing for the fat people??! It really just makes me mad. As if we don't feel like there is already a target on our head! UHG! Anyway.... I decided to blame my lack of fashionable clothing on them. :) When I lost 50lbs on my mission, one of my most memorable moments was when I returned home and was able to go shopping. I didn't even know what size of cloths to buy! I ended up in about a size 10-12, for the first time since probably 9th grade. It was so fun to be able to look at the clothes and try on all the cute and stylish clothes I always wanted to wear! I am REALLY looking forward to putting the clothes that I bought that day, back on! And to do some shopping for new clothes that I like! So my goal for 2011, after I have a rockin' bod - gain a sense of fashion. How does one do that? I may need a coach.... any one want to help???! :)



I used to have a sense of fashion before I gained weight! I'll go shopping with you!! I can't wait to have fun shopping again!
it will come when the weight goes....I have learned how to dress better since getting out of the plus size stuff and into the "real" stuff. You still look cute :) Remember a fashionable selfesteem will always fit :)
Sam said…
I like that! A Fashionable self esteem will always fit! Thanks you two!

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