10 Percent and What I've Learned

When doing Weight Watchers they have you set mini goals. First 5% of your weight, then 10%, and then I think you pick your goal weight. I wouldn't know, I've never been there before... until tonight! That's right, tonight with my 0.6lb loss I hit my 10% goal. I'll be honest, I had hoped that I would be much farther along by mid May, but at the same time I am ecstatic about my progress. Kris, my Weight Watchers leader, always ask people when they hit their 10% either what they've learned, or what they've changed to get there. I thought about it all day because I hoped I would do it. So I thought I would share all the things that came to mind over the day.

It's okay to take time for me.

Tracking is very important!!

The Scout motto of being prepared - also applies to weight loss.

I love to plan menus, make a list, and grocery shop.

Tracking is very important!!

I can do hard things!

Journaling is a very important part of my progress. I realized that my "journal", meaning my blog, is really what has made the biggest difference for me. It allows me an outlet to get feelings off my chest - good or bad. It's a place I feel safe and supported. And it's an avenue for me to be able to help others.

I have a WONDERFUL husband that is very very very supportive! I am madly and totally in love with him!!

Tracking is very important!!

I need to accept myself (and others) for what I am, and forgive myself for what I'm not. (More on this later)

I make mistakes, and that's okay.

There are patterns to my weight loss. My body likes to hold on to the weight over a couple of weeks and then I have a big drop. So even though my drop of .6 is a little disappointing considering all the exercise I did, it's okay. I plan to be very on point this next week, and I know it will be a great loss. And if it doesn't happen next week, it will come the next!

When I plan yummy dinners, it's easier to eat at home.

And the number one thing... I'm worth it!!!



Holly said…
You are totally worth it!

You did a very nice job with your list. It's always really hard for me to come up with lists like that.
Traci said…
Those are all awesome. You are worth it!!! Congrats on hitting your 10%!!!!
Natalia said…
Sam, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! 10% that's awesome...WOO Freakin HOO!!!

Thanks for your post today. This past week I focused on working out and giving myself a specific time to do it. This coming week it's going to be all about the tracking!!! I'm not sure why but I really feel the need to track! lol

I'm doing WW too!
Sam said…
Thanks ladies! Natalia, good luck with your tracking! I have found that be number one to my success. I have to track what I eat, otherwise I just eat way too much! Thanks again everyone!

Nicole said…
Great job!!! I also need to be reminded that it is okay to take time for me!
Lesia said…
Hitting the 10% is a BIG deal! So proud that you made it. Way to go girl!
Quay said…
10%...WOOT WOOT girlfriend! Now go and buy the same amount of butter, or fat that you have lost!! Eeeewwwww LOL And I have to say, I was so impressed to hear about your bike riding! That was some feat woman! Great job!! :D
Joy said…
Sam, WAY TO GO - Congratulations!! This is a wonderful journey, there is so much to learn and explore. Keep up the great work. PS You are worth it!! Hugs!
karen said…
Congratulations on the milestone AND a great list of lessons learned!!!

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