Saturday, May 22, 2010

Outdoor Adventure Number 2 for 2010!

I have a group of ladies that I walk with and we decided to go hiking once a week. I bought this awesome book from Costco called 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles. It's awesome! It gives you all kinds of information about the different hikes and breaks them down in different ways so you can find the right hike for you. So we decided to hike to The Living Room. When you get to the end, it's on a hillside that shows you a full view of the Salt Lake Valley. There are lots of boulders and they are set up as couches and coffee tables. Too fun! Although we didn't make it to the top, we probably went about a mile up and then back. For not having hiked in who knows how long, I think we did really good!! We'll go again this week somewhere different. I do plan to hike it again this summer, I want to get to the Living Room!!

Here we all are. I'm in front, Liana is to my right, Tami is to my Left, and Rosie is peeking out from behind.

So the book told us it was an "easy" hike... the book was wrong. Check out these hills!

These are some of the pretty flowers we saw along the way. I just LOVE Spring!

And although we didn't get to the top, we still got a great view!



Holly said...

That sounds like a great book to own for you.

Now, do you wonder what the harder hikes will be like since that one was rated easy?

karen said...

Hiking is one of those things I've always wanted to do but never really had the guts for. I'm a little too accident prone, I think! I LOVE seeing the pictures and living vicariously, though :)

Traci said...

Those are some intense hills!

Quay said...

What a impressive move hats off to you and all your friends! Way to go! Love the pictures!!

Lesia said...

So happy you have someone to share your success with. What great pictures and you are right does not look like an easy hike to me either.

Ed Pilolla said...

great pictures. i used to hike when i lived in new hampshire. what a joy with a friend or lover. i still hike to the living room, but, well, it's the living room with a tv in it. ha-ha. glad i stopped by this morning.

julielopez3 said...

Little Miss Adventurer you are! I have seen pictures of that place Nicole and Dan have hiked there, and from the pictures I have seen it is a wonderful view from the top.
Good luck on your next hike. Your maybe the 4 of you should go back to this spot and try to go further till you make it to the top.

Natalia said...

Hey Sam! That looks like a fun hike! Challenging but fun. Wish we had hills like that here!

Lindsay said...

What an awesome hike!!! So fun :)