Big Congrats!!!

This star is for one of my new friends Holly from Perseverance Within Me, as she just announced that she has entered "onederland", as she calls it! She is below the 200lb mark and I'm so excited for her! I wanted to post the star on her blog, but it wouldn't let me. SO, I thought I'd give her a shout out here. Congrats Holly!!!!!!!!!


Traci said…
Congrats Holly!! I can't wait to join you!
Holly said…
Sam!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! That was incredibly thoughtful of you! I will go to bed with a smile on my face tonight!

Traci and Lesia, thank you to you 2 as well.

I am feeling so motivated right now!
Quay said…
Congrats to Holly if your reading this!!

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