Action... a good medicine

(Action as in doing something productive, not as in "action". Although... that's not bad either. ;D) Yesterday I got off work early as it was dead! I came home and got to work! I cleaned my kitchen, two bathrooms, folded 5 baskets of laundry, and cleaned the rest of the bedroom. It felt so good to actually accomplish something and for the house to be clean. Today we were going to work on the yard, but because of the weather it's been postponed until Monday. So today my task is working on clearing the basement for my brother in law. Also my friend, Tami and I are going to Oh Sweet Sadie. It's this fun boutique thing that I've heard about but never been to. I'm really excited! You can check out their site by clicking here. So I expect it will be a great day.

I skipped weighing in on Thursday, but I'm going to do it this morning. It will be painful, as I know I have gained weight, but I'm going to do it anyway. I have big plans for weight loss this month. I'm going to change some things up to make it more exciting again, and going to get more aggressive with my workouts. Don't know how yet, but I'll let you know what my official plan is once I do know. My goal is to lose 13lbs this month. I need to have an awesome month to make up for April. I know I can do it if I really put my mind to it!

Sorry my last few posts have been so down. I'm on the up swing now! What are you doing this weekend? Well, off to get to work. Have a FABULOUS weekend!!! :)


Lesia said…
Now I love your signture even more! Sweet flower. Mine is just plain. Did you have to pay for the program to do that with? my email is
ladyofthehouse said…
I don't find your posts to be down - just real. But you always have a positive up swing to them. I enjoy your blog!!

I hope May is a very happy and successful month for you!

Enjoy your trip out with your friend!!
diane :)
It was fun to hang with you today even if we have different "tastes"!! LOL. That was so much fun. Love you tons!
Higbee said…
if you try to change 1 thing at the time you have 85% for success, when you try to change 2, it drops to 35%, when you try to change 3 or more is 0... so find 1 habit you want to change and work only on it....multivitamin/fish oil daily 4 3 weeks may be a great start. Do you work on new and improved habits?
julielopez3 said…
If you are looking for a change. Come to Zumba class with me on Monday nights from 6pm-7pm, at Gene Fulmer it's $6.00 and lots of fun!
FrogiNater said…
Sometimes life is just not cheery- don't apologize for having posts that are down. For me, it makes peopel seem human. Who has a life of roses & cheries all the time?!?!!! :)

Hope your May is FANTASTIC!
Anonymous said…
Hey Sam... saw you on HYC this morning, just wanted to pop in and give you a virtual hug. Sorry you've been down.. and battling depression. Glad to see you on the up swing.

Have a GREAT day!!!


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