My New Favorite Song!

Thank you to Robin (whose birthday is today, Happy Birthday beautiful! She is one of my demonstrators and very talented! If you want some beautiful card ideas, stop by her blog!) for introducing me to this amazing song!! I love it and I think you will too. It has such a great message! Especially for those of us who may have spent too long letting ourselves waste away in our fears, and our pain, and our insecurities, and let's face it... our fat. I know that I have let too many years, good years - years that could have had so much in them, go by. I don't regret the lessons I've learned. I know that all experience is good, when we learn and grow from it. And that's what I choose to do, learn and grow from the last 15 years of not treating myself well. Of detesting myself, my actions, and my body. I don't anymore, I don't detest myself or my body. I don't know if I'm ready to say that I love my body, but I definitley recognize that one, it's a gift from God, and therefore good! And two, it is a temple to my soul, which deserves my respect. I hope someday to be able to say, I love my body. Sometimes I get frustrated with my actions, but ultimately, I know I am a strong woman, and I can overcome hard things. I look forward to the next 50-60 years of life and hope they are filled with joy, trials to learn from, faith in god, and zeal for life! I'm turning up the music and am going to dance!



karen said…
I am definitely downloading this as soon as I get home in the morning! What a great song!!!
Lesia said…
While I was watching and listening to that song I thought "I love that song it sounds like The Point of Grace singing it". And the more I watch, the more I knew it was that group. I am a big fan of their music cause she sings country and anyone country is OK in my view! TY for sharing it I am going to upload it on my facebook page now. See you tomorrow:)
Lindsay said…
What a great song!! Thanks for sharing :)

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