Do You Believe?

I think one of the hardest parts about losing weight, is believing that I can do it. It's something that I go back and forth on. I do well for a while, then not so good, then back and forth again and again. Right now I'm on the up swing, and I'm going to ride it for all it's worth! I think it must stem from childhood. Little children have no fear, no self doubts, no regrets. They believe they can do anything, and they go for it. It must be the older we get, our experiences, things people say, things we say to ourselves, they start to become not just a perspective, but reality. So now, in a moment of self improvement it becomes our job to challenge those "realities" and figure out who we really are. I guess as the good scriptures say, to become childlike again.

Why is this such a hard thing for us to do, to believe in ourselves?

I've been evaluating my 100lb weight loss goal in 2010, and.... I just don't know. I'm not ready to say it won't happen, but I would be lying if I didn't say I was worried. I still want to achieve it and know that I can!! However I don't know if it will happen all in 2010. So now I'm at the point do I alter my goal for the year so that I can achieve it, or do I continue to strive for it in 2010? At this point if I were not to lose any more weight in May (which I will have a good weight loss this week but it won't be the 13lbs for the month I was hoping for) then I would have to lose about 10lbs each month from June - Dec. I just don't think that's being realistic. I just haven't been losing that fast (however I have been learning a LOT about myself, so I do not really look at this as a downfall), and I know the more weight I lose the slower it will come off. I want to have a goal that is a stretch but doable. Is that beyond doable at this point? Should I adjust it? I just don't know.

What do you think?

Today I sent out the instructions to those that signed up to do the blog tour. The Tour will be on Thursday, May 27. Make sure to stop by and read, and then follow each of the links! I expect it will be very inspiring!!!!


I so know where you are coming from and you are doing much better at your goal than I am. I applaud you for that and will continue to watch your journey and cheer you on.

Part of my story is that May of 2009 I set the goal of being at 150lbs by my 40th birthday, which is July 8, 2010. My starting weight was 215 so losing the 65lbs was totaly do-able. My current weight, less then 2 months from my 40th, is 212. Yes, I am stronger physically; Yes I am stronger emotionally; But I didn't lose the weight I wanted. Yes, early on in the process I knew I wouldn't make my goal but I kept it because the underlying goal (to me healthier emotionally and physically) was being met.

I still believe that I will meet my 150 goal (Idealy I should be at 139ish but...)'s just going to take a little longer than I had anticipated.
Lindsay said…
I totally think you can achieve it, anything you set your heart and mind to you can do! I KNOW you are on the right track!!!! You have already lost 26 pounds that is awesome!!!! Maybe adjust your goal as you go along so you don't get frustrated. Or do mini goals!!! Your blog is just way to cute :)
karen said…
I'm a big fan of mini-goals. Currently I'm aiming for the 22 pounds it will take to get below 170 by Labor Day. After that? Well, we'll see how I do with this first! I've tried bigger goals before & always feel such a huuuuge letdown when they don't get met.
Lesia said…
If you focus on the little goals you will be surprised how fast the BIG one sneaks up on you. Here are a couple of sayings I say..."Don't try to eat the whole elephant with one bite." Or "baby steps." ans "It slow and steady that wins the race." You will do great in 2010.
Deb said…
For myself, I am not putting an end date on when I want to reach goal. I am setting smaller goals along the way and as I hit those I recognize what a realistic loss is at that point in my weight loss journey.

Expecting to lose 10 pounds a month, every month, is a lot. Will you be able to do it? Maybe. Realistically, it may take longer. The thing is, you don't change your goal. You're still going to lose it. You may have to change your timeline.

5 years from now, it won't matter whether it took you a year or a year and a half.
Natalia said…
Hey Sam,
I say do whatever feels good to you. There's no right or wrong here.

Go with your gut and what you're willing to do. 10 pounds a month? Depends on your body and how hard your willing to work out and how clean you're willing to eat.

You'll figure it out!!!! :)
Sam said…
Just a test.
Sam said…
Thanks for the great feedback, really good food for thought! You bring up some great points Deb, thank you! Just to clarify I'm definitley not changing the ultimate goal like you mentioned, just the thinking about the timeline. Thank you for the suggestions, I will ponder on them.

I'm having a problem with comments for this post, it tells me there are 7 but there are not 7 showing. So if you left a comment and it's not here, please leave it again. Thanks!
Lesia said…
There is an award for you on my blog come get it!
brandi said…
I just found your blog today thanks to HYC! You and I have alot in common!

I wanted to lose 100 pounds by my 30th birthday so I could start having babies, but it isn't going to happen- mostly because I never got started!

So I recently extended the deadline and am finally getting going. I'm right there with you! Can't wait to read more about your journey!

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