Thursday, July 29, 2010

How I've Missed You!!!

Things have been so busy around here, that I haven't had much time to post or to read my favorite blogs. I try and sneak some reading in here or there, but it doesn't leave much time for commenting. So if you're on my blog roll, then know that I am reading and supporting from afar. I am inspired by how hard each of you pushes, the trials you go through, and the fire you have! I may have not left many comments this month, but I am still there! I have lots of great stories to share, adventures, deep thoughts, etc. I'm hoping I get some time on Saturday to do some blogging! Until then, know that I miss you!!


:Deliciously Healthy said...

You're so sweet!

Lesia said...

I was wondering to the same thing yesterday, why I hadn't read any blogs from you in a couple days or why no comments on mine. But seeing you last night let me know that you are still alive. I miss you too. You are the most forgiving, loving, understanding girl I

GeorgiaBE said...

We miss you too Sam! :)

Joy said...

Sam, Want you to know that I value your friendship. You have touched my life in many ways. You are an inspriation!! Also, want you to know that every time I log onto your page, I smile because you both look so happy together! And another were one of the first people I really followed. The thing that caught my eye was we were inspired by the same movie and got started at the same time. Just really special to me! Wow can I just go on and on? Geez!!! Hugs!