Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good Riddance 2011, Hello 2012!!

So 2011 kind of sucked! I dealt with that awful vertigo, got sick several times, we both were dealing with depression, we didn't do a whole lot of activity, etc. Also, I haven't really mentioned this, but Mike's mom has been really sick for the last couple of years, and she passed away in August. As you can imagine, that was a really hard experience for us, and we have been just trying to deal. It was just a really tough year for both of us and I don't think either of us were sorry to see it go!

But on the other hand, we are very excited that 2012 is here! Already we have begun working on our goals. Mike is in the full swing of his 1/2 marathon training. He did 5 miles on Saturday and I am SO proud of him! He runs the Moab 1/2 in March and is going to do awesome! I've had to pull back from running because of my shin splints. From all the research I've done and what I learned as a Massage Therapist - this is one of those things that you don't want to push through because you will just do more damage. But... I think they are finally doing better. I walked on Sat and didn't have any pain in my shins. So I am thinking that I will start the 5k training next week. Yay!!

My friend Russ and I are having a contest to see who can lose 10% of our weight first. I need to lose 23.6 pounds. I had a really rough time getting started last week, so I only lost .6 in my first week. But I'm off to a good start this week - so I think my loss will be much better! 

So I am back on WW again. I'm not paying to go to the meetings, I'm just doing it on my own - not in the budget, ya know? I have to kind of chuckle at myself. Willow loves to play fetch!! And when she brings you her toy, she always drops it on the floor. But if I'm sitting on the couch, I want her to put it on the couch. So I will tell her that. She will put it on the very edge, and it falls off! Then one time she will bring it up and give it to me, and I throw it. You'd think she would learn that for me to throw it, she needs to put it on the couch right? Nope, the next time she brings it, she puts it on the edge again - and it just falls off. I am just like Willow! You'd think I would just learn after so many "beginnings". I always want to try new things, but always come back to what works. And for me, what works is WW. It seems to give me that balance between not depriving myself, and yet staying on a plan. So here I am again. My goal this time is to not get distracted and try something new. I'm just going to plug along and stick to it. And only worry about today - not tomorrow or the next day. Because ultimately, I can't do anything about those days - except for maybe be prepared for them. But I can't make any decisions for them, until they are here. So I will just keep focusing on today. 

How are your 2012 goals going? 


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