Sunday, January 22, 2012

Accountability 2, Report 3

Well yesterday certainly did not turn out the way I planned. I was on track, until around 12pm I got a call about a family emergency. From there, my eating went down hill - but so what. We spent the afternoon and evening at the hospital with our loved ones. It seems - for now- that things are looking okay. We just kind of have to wait and see now. From here we are hoping it is mostly just about a recovery. Mike and I will be at the hospital all day today, so I don't really know what my plans look like. I'm just going to make the best choices I can, and more importantly - be there for my family. Any prayers on our behalf would be appreciated. Thanks!



timothy said...

sending prayers to y'all! just ty to find a constructive way to burn all that nervous energy so you don't make you sick! i did laps around the hospital when i had to wait.........just to get my mind moving again.

Mama Bear June said...

Hope all is well. Things like that can really throw us off. Keep making healthy choices in the midst of challenges and you can have the strength to get through it all. When my mom passed away, walking regularly and eating healthy foods really helped keep my stress level down.