Exactly Who We Are Is Just Enough

I found this song the other day, and I just LOVE it! There are so many good messages in it. We are Kings and Queens. Exactly who we are is just enough. God loves us and wants us to succeed. There is a place for us - we belong.  I was thinking about it yesterday as I listened to it, and it's so true!

I was thinking of my family, friends, co-workers, my young women, everyone I know. I was thinking of how much respect and love I have for each of these people. And how I just so much appreciate who they are. Right now. Not who they will be or could be, but who they are. Their goodness, kindness, spunk, selflessness, special talents they have and so often share with others, their smile and laughter, and most of all their love. I know the most amazing people. I'm just so blessed. And I guess I just really wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being such good examples to me.

It's a really interesting thought if you think about it. How can a person be enough exactly as they are, and yet.... have things they need to fix? Or Improve? Do you get what I'm asking? If a person believes they are broken, how do they at the same time believe that they are enough?

Close your eyes - go on, do it - and think to yourself "Exactly who I am is enough". What comes up? What feelings? What thoughts? Do you have peace? Do you feel it's true? Do you instantly want to list all the reasons that's not true? Do you have confidence in that? Do you have some panic, or fear? Do you feel inadequate? Or do you feel your strength?

I think so often, it's easy to see the goodness in others. It's easy to tell someone, "Exactly who you are is enough". But when we say it to ourselves, it's a whole different ball game!

Why do you think that is?

I think that for me, it really comes down to lies, and broken promises. We all go through experiences in life. Some people have gone through awful things. Some people have been sheltered. But everyone has had moments that changed them. That hurt them. That made them doubt themselves, their abilities, and their worth. Where they made the choice to give up on themselves, because their not worthy. Some of these experiences had only to do with one's self, and some of them were brought on by the poor choices of others. And some of them were brought on to others by one's own poor choices, after all we all make mistakes.

I think a lot of the time, the lies come from the stories we tell ourselves about the experiences we've had.
If someone made a bunch of promises to us, and they kept breaking them, soon we would lose trust in that person. We wouldn't value their input as much perhaps. We might begin to discount their feelings, and become desensitized to future promises. I think the same thing happens with ourselves.
I personally believe we were born to privilege and with that comes specific obligations. We have the potential to be great! We are not going to reach our full potential, if it's just given to us. And so this life comes with it's trials, and hurts, and pains. And one of the biggest hurdles to overcome? Ourselves. We must learn control, trust, love, forgiveness. We're always taught these principals apply to our relationship to others - which of course - they do. But it seems we are not taught until much later in life - that this MUST apply to ourselves as well.
So how do we overcome all of it? How do we get to the point were we can truly and honestly say "Exactly who I am is enough"! I think it's by learning to love ourselves. To forgive ourselves for the past. Learning to control our own power, and learning how to make it work for us, instead of against us. Each of us has power of choice. Some of us use it to serve others and to stand up for ourselves when necessary, and some of choose to give it away. Maybe to another person, or maybe to, oh I don't know... food? And we work on trust. We can either continue to break the trust by making decisions that are in opposition of where we want to go, or we can start earning trust again by making simple choices every day that take us one step closer. 
It's time! 
It's time to look yourself in the eye and say, the power is mine, and I'm taking it back!
It's time to love yourself, by forgiving yourself. Say your sorry (even to yourself if needs be), and let it go!
It's time to realize you're not broken!
It's time to take the power back and use it for good by standing up for yourself and others!
It's time to earn the trust you're worthy of!
It's time to not just think that some day you'll be enough, oh no.... 
It's time to realize that "Exactly who you are is just enough" right now!
It's time!



HCGpower said…
Willpower its a really great governing power to have.
Love your insight.
Joy said…
Powerful post! Lot to digest for sure! We are ever growing and understanding ourselves. It's a fabulous journey!! Keep focused on your heath and fitness plan!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!
Ashlylin said…
Beautiful post! A great inspiration to read at the beginning of a new week.
Natalia said…
Great post Sam! :)
Psyfygirl said…
AWESOME! Thank you for the inspiration.

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