Thursday, November 25, 2010

"It's Time To Let Go..."

"It's time to let go of this painful life"

I had a dream this morning. It was a dream that would have made a great book! Problem is, I don't remember most of it. It was about three women that were friends. And one of them had to leave. I don't remember the circumstances or what happened. The only thing I remember was at the very end, seconds before I woke up, one of them said this quote. And I remember the specific feeling behind it, even though I don't remember the specific context of it. Does that make sense? 

In the context of the dream, there were certain circumstances that were causing pain in the woman's life (the one who had to leave). I can't remember what. But I think maybe one of her friend's said this quote to her. And even though she was leaving, that wasn't all that she was letting go of. It was more... that there were things in her heart that needed to be set free so that she could be released from the pain that was haunting her.

As I came out of my dream, this saying was repeating over and over in my head. And it got me thinking. Are there things in my heart that need to be set free? Things that daily cause me pain? That cause others pain? Things that cause this to be a painful life? This question was met with a sorrowful, and yet resounding yes. 

I think that it's in our nature as human beings to hold on to things. Hold on to grudges, anger, fear, love, tangible items, beliefs, memories of how things once were, the dream of what could be, the list could go on and on. Sometimes the things we are holding on to are good and wholesome. They bring us peace, hope, joy, and love. But sometimes, there are things we hold on to because we feel it validates us, when really, all it's doing is hurting us. It's crippling the very person that we could be, our true potential if you will. These hurtful things lead us to live painful lives, or at least pain-filled lives.

As today is Thanksgiving, I was in a particularly thoughtful mood. So as I was thinking of all the things I'm ever so grateful for, I was also thinking of things that hinder me and bring pain to my life. See I believe that if we are truly grateful, we will act on that gratitude. Having gratitude should be an action! And although I often express my gratitude, a lot of times it's just lip service. And the only person that benefits really, is maybe myself. And sadly the things I often actually act upon, are the exact painful things that really, I should let go of. Insecurities, fears, judgments, grudges, pride, etc.

I got thinking that maybe if I just chose one of those things that I've been holding in my heart, and chose to let it go, even if it was just for a day - a week - or a month, how would that feel? What would it look like? And although I don't really know the answer yet, I know I want to try. And I want to invite you to join me.

If you can think of something in your life that is causing you pain, I say to you "It's time to let go of this painful life..." and I would add to that statement "so that you can embrace a more joyful one in it's place"! I want to challenge you to post about it. Find one thing that you can let go of, how you feel about it, how it feels to let it go, and what feelings or good experiences can replace it. Let it go! Post this little picture, and if you want, encourage your readers to do the same. Think how much better this world would be if we all removed one of these painful things from our heart, and replaced it with a feeling and action of gratitude!

So my one thing? I know that it's time to let go of the painful life that my selfishness brings to me. I know that is such a huge thing, but it's hard to narrow it down! And really, it has effected EVERY part of my life! My marriage, my relationship (or lack there of sometimes) with God, our finances, our home life and house, my body, my job, etc. Everything. And while it may be too large for me to tackle all at once, this is what I want to be rid of. This is what I want to let go of! And I think I am going to start with my marriage.

My goal this week is to put Mike's needs in front of my own. To respect him more, and to love and serve him more. Also, one of my big goals I had from the begining of the year was to read Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. I never read it, but I am going to finish it before Christmas and start to put what I learn into action. I am SO grateful for my husband, and it's time for me to act on that gratitude!

If you take my challenge, let me know, okay?! I want to read your post and cheer you on! 

Happy Thanksgiving my friends! I could not let the day pass with out acting upon my gratitude for YOU! My life has changed because of you and I am a better person because of you! Thank you!!



Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Wow, what a dream. My whole journey is about letting go... and I have a hard time letting go of painful situations... so this is such a great challenge for me. I am in!!! I love it. I will ponder this and post it on my next post. Thanks for sharing. :)


Karla said...

letting go

so much to let go of, where to start?? but a little every day and soon the load will be so much easier to carry


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post (and dream)! Like Margene said, my whole journey is about letting go and it's something I still struggle with every day, but as I'm learning, I'm also discovering a peace I never knew existed. :)

Joy said...


So thinking of you today!! Hope all is well. As I pray for you, I'm asking the Lord to fill you with His strength, peace, love and joy!!

Keep focused my friend!!

Quay said...

HI Sam...letting go helped me lose weight! SO LET go for sure...I promise you'll feel so much better!
*hugs* :D

Weight loss is NO FAIRY TALE said...

Sam!!! Where have you been? Miss "hearing" from you.