Happy Anniversary to the One I Love!

Mike and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on Wednesday. Well... actually, we didn't really get to celebrate until last night, but.... still. :) We worked in the temple Wednesday night, so that was an appropriate place to be, even if I only got to see him for about 5 minutes. Last night we went on a date, enjoyed dinner and time together. It was a wondeful evening, makes me so happy to have this good man in my life!

I thought that I would share some memories with you, and to journal my thoughts.

Mike and I met the day after I returned home from serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I had returned to The Cowboy Grub to see about getting my old job back, and he was serving. We flirted over the next couple of weeks as I adjusted to being home. Actually, he purposely would put his arm around me or tease me because he knew it made me so uncomfortable! (For those who are unfamiliar with LDS missionaries, while you are on your mission, which is 18 months for girls, there is no dating. At all. In fact the only physical contact you can have with a male is shaking hands. Or a high 5. :D) So I was pretty awkward!

Then about two weeks later, he messed up a ticket for a party pretty bad. And since I was the manager on shift, I fixed it. To "thank me" he asked me if I wanted to go to dinner after our shift. Me being the bone head I am - did NOT realize he was asking me out! Ha! I just thought he was being polite, so I politely declined, as I had to close. But as he walked away I thought... "Hmm... I think he was asking me out!" It was like a light bulb went on and you could hear the forehead slap across the restaurant! I ended up not having to close, so I asked him if he still was up for it. Some day I'll have to finish the rest of our story, it's pretty funny actually! But for now I'll say we had a delightful date! That weekend he went to Idaho to visit some - cough cough - "friends". Upon returning he realized he liked me better! Asked me out on a second date and that was that. We were together every day for the next 2 1/2 months until he proposed. Another 2 1/2 months later we were married in the Manti Temple! And it has been a happy 6 years!

As you can see, we've had a lot of fun! I couldn't find the wedding pictures, so I'll have to post them later, I know their somewhere! Anyway...

Mike, I'm going to keep this simple. I love you! I will always love you! It has been a delightful 6 years, and as I said last night - I think the next 6 are going to be even better!!!


Kimberly said…
Happy Anniversary to a very sweet couple!
Joy said…

You guys are so cute together!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!

I love that you have so many pictures together!! (I unfortunately do not have many with my hubby)

Here's to many, many, many more Anniversaries to come!!

Thanks hun! I have had so much fun. And like you said last night the next 6 years are going to be even better. I love you mostestest.
Lesia said…
How adorable you 2 are! Happy Anniversary Sam & Mike:)
Sarah said…
Happy Anniversary, Sam! I wish you many, many more healthy and happy years with your love!
Ellen said…
thank you for sharing this snapshot of the past six years together. You look so happy together and I hope the next 60 years are as good as the last 6. Congrats :)
Ahhh...SO cute! Happy Anniversary! Love you guys!
What a cool story! Happy Anniversary!!! You guys are the cutest couple and look SOOO happy. :)

Anonymous said…
Awww ... see, now this just brings a huge smile to my face. :) Happy Anniversary! I wish you both many, many, many more happy years together!
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous couple. I really enjoyed the pictures...especially liked the one of the two of you and the birch trees. Happy Anniversary to the two love birds!
good thing i let you two flirt at work too.....when i was the manager on shift. it made me wanna gag sometimes but I am happy to know that you two are still happy :)

oh the grub. her is to 6 more!!
Happy Fun Pants said…
Happy Anniversary!

And OH WOW are you beautiful - inside and out! :)
We Rock Well said…
Congrats you crazy kids! Happy Anniversary! We love ya!
Becky said…
congrats!! how wonderful! This makes me look forward to my fifth anniversary with my hubs in May. where did you serve your mission?
Happy anniversary! Love the pics!

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