Bun in the OVEN

I thought it would be a good time for another update. :)

I named this post bun in the oven - heavy emphasis on the OVEN. I am always SO hot. The last two Sundays I've had to get up and leave sacrament because I was feeling faint, and for fear I was sweating through my dress. Everyone else is freezing and I'm wondering when I can go home and take all my clothes off and do snow angels in the back yard. Okay - maybe that's extreme - but still. It's hot. :D

Unfortunately morning sickness seems to have made a small comeback. It's not nearly as bad as it was during the first trimester, but it's enough to be obnoxious. I'm still having lots of acid reflux. Blah - whatever. 

This week I begin walking, I'm looking forward to that and am really hoping it will help. I'm also preparing to jump into the world of making freezer meals - I'm excited about that too. I hope it will make eating healthier easier. 

We had another ultrasound last week. This was the one where they look at all her little body parts and make sure all is good. They were able to see everything they were looking for (organs, spine, face, legs, arms, etc) and she is very healthy and has a really strong heart. She was facing my spine, so we didn't get any great shots of her cute face - hopefully next time. We have one more ultrasound in March with the research study. 

I also had to meet with an OB for a consultation on gestational diabetes. They tested my numbers when we first found out I was pregnant and they came back normal. However, at the time I was on a medication for my Insulin Resistance and PCOS. They had mentioned at some point I would come off that, but no one has mentioned it again. I asked at my last appointment and the midwife said I should consult with a DR. He has taken me off the medication and will have me do the glucose test in a week or so again to see if my numbers are okay with out the medication. I'm really hoping they are - but we shall see.

I think we've decided on a look for the nursery, love it!! http://pinterest.com/pin/180214422560835823/. Check it out! 

Well that's all for now - I'll post again once we test my numbers and get the results back.


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