Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shin Splints Suck

As I had mentioned, I have been running again. I ran a 10k in the beginning of Dec, which I still need to blog about. Truth be told, I wasn't ready! I tried to be, but due to getting sick twice and hurting my back for about 2 weeks, I just wasn't ready. And ever since then, every time I run, I get shin splints. Grrrrr! I am supposed to run a 1/2 marathon in April. How can I do that if I can't train??? I have not run for about 2 weeks. I'm hoping to be able to start again in Jan. I've been Icing, wearing compression sleeves, but on a cream that is supposed to help them heal. Any other suggestions? I don't want to back out of this coming race, but... I don't know if I can do it and not really damage my legs. I'm considering waiting for a different race, but I need to talk with my cousin about it. In the mean time, I'm putting my new work out videos to good use and trying to lose some weight.

Are there any runners out there with suggestions?


Miriam said...

I get shin splints too. try making sure you stretch really well. before and after you run. Remember, they will go away. It took me 2-3 months of running consistently before i could run pain-free. active-on is a life-saver!!! keep up the good work-no excuses!

Joy said...

Oh my, I hate injuries! I am praying for a fast recovery!!

Keep focused my Friend!

Ink Spiller said...

I don't know what you're using but I use Flexall 454 for just about any joint pain or muscular pain. I don't know how well it goes with shin splints but if you can get it the stuff is worth a try. If you rub it in well you'll feel like you have a small fire where you rubbed it in but most of the time you wake up the morning after and there's no pain.

I used to have awful problems in my teens when I was playing soccer for two teams at the same time. A few years ago I got it again and this time it was from walking the dog and trying to get fit doing it through long walks. It's so painful. I young man in a sports store recommended VAS inner souls which are supposed to correct the way you walk. The problem disappeared within a few weeks.

Joy said...

Thinking you to today my Friend,
I hope you are feeling better!!

Keep focused on your journey!

zachmoffett said...

Hey Sam, I had shin splints really bad in the fall when I was training for my half. I went to a physical therapist, with insurance my deductible was about $15 and after about five or six visits they had me all fixed up. They do a lot of things that are very helpful and you start to see results right away. Hit me up on facebook if you want me to recommend one. I don't go to them currently because I changed my running style and it seems to have helped along with the work they did. But I'm sure they can help you out too.