Saturday, January 8, 2011

They had a baby!

Let me start out by thanking those who left such sweet and understanding comments on my last post. It was something that I had really been dreading - thanks for being so thoughtful! 
I gave it quite a bit of thought and decided that I could in fact do both. I just need more structure right now, which I will get from WW, but I can also continue practicing and perfecting the skills I learned from Intuitive Eating. The best part about this news? Mike and I signed up for Weight Watchers last night. I'm ecstatic that we are going to do this together. I think learning these fundamental skills together will be great for our marriage, and we will be able to support each other more fully.

So did you know, that Weight Watchers and Intuitive Eating got together and had a baby? Yeah, they did. It's called PointsPlus! After we signed up, we sat down to wait for the "newbie" meeting to start. I was looking around going.... "Really? I'm going to do this... again?". I looked over on the wall and noticed they had some new posters touting the new program. And this is what it said: 

1. Ask for help
2. Learn from experience
3. Manage your environment
4. Manage your feelings
5. Manage your thoughts
6. Monitor yourself
7. Prepare yourself
8. Take care of yourself

Sound familiar? It did to me. And it was comforting to me. Right there in front of me I saw that I could in fact merge these two ways of living comfortably. The other thing that was interesting is over and over the leader kept saying... this is not a diet. She said these are tools to help you learn to listen to your body and to treat it with respect. I have never really looked at WW like that to be honest. But... I can see her point. And it thrills me to know I don't have to pick! I can have the best of both worlds! 

The thing I really struggle with is portion sizes. Even when listening to my body - my eyes never listen and I always end up with more food on my plate then I probably need. Then... I panic when there is food on the plate at the end. I know that may be silly - and truthfully I don't know where the panic comes from. My mom was not one of those "Finish your food or else" kind of moms. So knowing this is a struggle - WW comes in. Because to count your points, you do need to measure your food. Which I know goes against the idea of Intuitive Eating. But... when I measure my food I do better at actually listening to my body! I think this will work for me. 

Anyway, just wanted to put it out there - I joined Weight Watchers again. Mike joined Weight Watchers! I'm excited to get started! Today is a clean the house day. Take down the Christmas and prepare for a great week next week!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



AZGypsie said...

Samantha, its a pain the neck, but weigh and measure everything! Get a scale, get ladles that are marked with cups levels or measure your own against a measuring cup and use them diligently. I know you are active in your church and would never consider worshipping in a halfway manner. Take the same approach to this and you can fail!

Annie said...

So excited for you to be doing WW with your hubby! I do it with mine and it's so great to have that mutual understanding and support. Good for both of you!!

Natalia said...

I love WW! and I love the new program! I tried normal eating, which I think is kind of like intuitive eating..I found that I needed boundaries too! What I love about WW is nothing is off limits. I just have to portion and track it!

It's so great that you and your hubby are doing this together!

Stephanie said...

Isn't it awesome??? I'm SO happy over the new Points Plus program. I think it's wonderful you and your husband are doing the plan together. I would LOVE for mine to do that, but so far it's a no go. *sigh* Good luck to you both! *Hugs*

Joy said...

Great plan my friend. I am so happy Mike is going with you. I know it will really help!!

Keep focused!!

Aloi Family said...

I just love you! its me Heidi form the 5k! guess what> I love w.w. you inspired me to join and I did a few months back its slow for me but i love it, hey get ready for june we are doing the run again heheheheh this time i will breath better heheheh loveya heidi

Quay said...

I am glad your still here!! :D

Kristin said...

I'm right there with you! Me, my mom, my dad, and my cousin joined WW 2-1/2 weeks ago. We ride together and our car lost over 25 pounds the first week. I love the new Points Plus program! And, I love having people to do with! I love the encouragement and accountability. BUT, when everyone heard we were doing it, the church secretary, pastor's wife, and bell choir directored joined us, too! I will be cheering you on girlfriend! Miss you!