101 Followers, Blog Candy, and Awards Galore for YOU!

Did you see???!!! I have 101 followers!!! YAY!!!! That was one of my goals for the year, to get 100 followers!!! I am so honored that so many people would want to read the ramblings of this crazy woman! And I know there are a good number of people that read my blog that have not selected to publicly follow (which is fine). I am so pleased that this blog thing seems to really have stuck. That I've stuck with it and that it's made such a difference in my journey this year, and that people are reading it! THANK YOU!!!!

For a milestone like this, I think I should give away some blog candy, don't you??!! I'm glad we agree!!!
This year has been a year for me to overcome fears, insecurities, and doubts. And to learn that - I can do hard things! So, everyone who leaves me a comment (or for those who don't like to comment but still want to participate - you can e-mail me at believeinyourselfsam@hotmail.com) and tells me what is the hardest thing you've done this year and how you feel about it, your name will be entered in the drawing. I'll randomly draw a name and the winner will receive the NEW Bamboo Slotted Spoon Set from Pampered Chef! :)
These spoons will be perfect to help the lucky winner make some yummy and healthy meals in the kitchen!! I will do the drawing on Friday the 1st. Ready Set GO!!

So I have received several awards and I keep forgetting to post them! Today is a good day for it I think! :) So here we go...

Almost a month ago I received the Cherry On Top Award from Lady of the house from It's Time. THANK YOU!!! I know I'm a little late in posting this, but I'm grateful you thought of me!

For this award I need to do the following:
1. Answer the question: If you had one chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?  That is a tough question! Honestly, I don't know that I would change anything. I guess the only thing I can think of is that I have spent the last 15 years or so pinning over my body. Wishing it were better, hating it and being ever so cruel to myself, instead of living. There are so many things I could have done, and didn't do, because I felt like my "body" was holding me back. I guess I wouldn't necessarily change the past. I'm just grateful to now be able to acknowledge this and by doing so, be able to change my future. No longer will I hold back because of my body. I'm not going to wait until I'm a certain size to wear something, do something, or be something. I'm enjoying life in the now, and it's wonderful!!
2. Pick 6 people and give them this award. You then have to inform the person that they have been selected for the award. - I'll get to this one in a minute, so keep reading!!!
3. You have to thank the person (people) who gave you the award. - Seriously, thank you! You are always so sweet to me and I have really appreciated getting to know you through your blog! You have done awesome, and I know you will continue because that's the kind of person you are!! Thank you Lady of the house!!

Then, I received the A Blog with Substance Award from two people!! Wow! Stephanie from She's In There Somewhere and Tammy from A Newer Tammy. THANK YOU ladies!!! That is so nice of you to think of me for this award, I am truly honored! 

Okay as a condition of the award, I now I have to sum up my blogging philosophy, motivation and experience in five words and pay it forward by nominating 10 Bloggers for the award.

My five words: Believe In Yourself Every Day. I have learned that believing in yourself is not just a one time decision that you make and then everything is magically wonderful. This is a process that you go through. And everyday, sometimes every hour, every minute - you have to decide again to believe in yourself. To trust yourself. And to love yourself. But each time you make that decision and you live it - you solidify it just a little more. And I truly believe that by doing this over and over that one day it will be automatic and you will treat yourself with love and kindness because you know that is what you truly deserve!

Okay, as for the giving away of both of these awards. I usually try to give awards to people I haven't given them to before, and who haven't received the particular award I'm giving. But... today, instead I'm giving it to EVERYONE!!! That's probably cheating - but... I'm going to anyway! If you are reading this - then you have be given this award!!! Please post it on your blog with pride and share it with others. I really do read all those blogs on my blog roll, and I would guess that it's a good number of them that are following me. So instead of trying to decide who gets these awards, it's EVERYONE! :)

One more thing, if you are following my blog, and you have a blog that is NOT on my blog roll, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I want to follow you and read your blog! Leave me a comment with your blog and I will add it. That goes for any type of blog, weight loss, intutive eating, Stampin' Up!, friends, family, etc.

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!



Congrats on having 101 followers! Awesome. I know I l love coming and reading your posts! You are def a favorite.

Okay, now for the hardest thing I've done this year... This year has been the start of my quest to change and get healthier, and the hardest thing involved has been LETTING MY PAST GO. I have worked harder on letting old hurts and heartaches go than anything else and it is really helping me let the weight go too! As of today - I have reached 100 pounds gone! So excited for that. Thanks for all the inspiration and wisdom you give me from your blog. I love it!! You are a wise woman.

Deb said…
Congrats on the followers!

It doesn't look like I'm on your blogroll. Of course, I still haven't added a blogroll of my own, so I need to do that.

As for the hardest thing I've done this year: it was forgiving myself for all the years I let go by without being healthy. What's in the past is done, and I can't change it. I've really learned to let go of the bitterness about it.
Lesia said…
Sam~I always read your blog and I am so excited you got your 100 blog followers. I was just as happy when I reached mine too. Who knew that people would wont to read my words either.

The hardest thing this year was developing patients. Patients with me getting healthier. Patients with my family as they watched our home turn into a healthy food house. Patients with the pain while I tried to exercise daily. Patient with the slow but steady weight loss. I have not conquered it yet but I have learned a little bit more about how to express it.
You have a great week as well. And keep blogging cause you are being watched.LOL
Joy said…
Hi Sam,

Congrats on 101 followers!!

Hardest thing for me....Trying to fit everything in! There have been so many changes and a lot of good things that need to be done. Seems like I just run out of day!!! I've tried staying up late and getting up early only to burn myself out and get sick. I have not learned how to balance this new lifestyle. After being stuck and unable to move around like I want to and having no energy, I find now that I want to do everything and then some!! Cram more in a day than I used to do in a week! Have not figured out if it's a seasonal thing, summer was crazy busy, or if I'm just out of control. I guess time will tell.

Anyway keep working your plan!!! Keep fighting and don't give up!

Oooh! I totally want that spoon set!
Congrats on having 100 followers! :-)

As for the hardest thing I have done all year I think it would be sticking with something that I failed at twice. It has taken a lot of support and love from everyone I know to stick through it all and go for it one more time. Fingers crossed my perseverance pays off and the third time is a charm for me.
The hardest thing I've done this year is deal with a husband who was out of a job for 8 months. It was hard and trying and what helped me put back on my 15 pounds of weight that I once lost.
Michelle said…
The hardest thing I've done all year besides losing almost 30 lbs is making the decision to not go back to work. I've decided that my children need me home more than they need material things.

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