My week in review

Well, this week went fairly well. I made my weekly menu, and did really well sticking to it until the weekend. Weekends are just tough. Mike isn't here most of it, and it's so easy to just eat. I made the mistake of making some of the menu items to difficult. So when it came time to make them over the weekend, I just didn't want to. While I didn't do horrible, it wasn't as well as I wanted. It's clear that next week, for the weekend, I am going to choose very simple meals that require little cooking. I think I'll do better with that. 

Unfortunately we didn't get to go out and do our daily walk this week because Emma came down with a little cold. It wasn't terrible, but between that and the weather dropping just a little, I didn't want to risk her getting worse. I'm really looking forward to adding this to our day this coming week! I'm ready to move! 

I did sign up for WW and attend my first meeting. It was good to be back. Hard in some ways, because I think about all the times I've been there before. If I had just kept at it. But... I'm not going to dwell on the past. I'm just going to be grateful I have the opportunity to change today and my future. 

One of the things they encouraged us to do this week was to ask ourselves before we ate anything, "Is it worth it"? I really liked this, because so often I just go for what is easy and quick. Not necessarily what is good, beautiful, nutritious, and yummy. There were several times that I asked this, and the answer was no. And sometimes I didn't end up eating it. And sometimes I did. I decided not to judge myself for that - but just to be aware and observe. It was a step forward. 

The other thing the leader brought up in regards to "Is it worth it?", was also asking "Am I worth it?". I thought that was a really good thing to think about to. This week as I move forward and get back on track I want to remember this. 

Am I worth it? 

Worth eating healthy for? Worth loving myself with healthy food and enjoyable movement? Worth accepting and loving? Yes. Yes. Yes! 


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