Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hormones - sheesh!!

I had two appointments today. One was with the Maternal Fetal Medicine Drs for a non stress test (NST) (just keeping an eye on her because of the gestational diabetes) and then my regular appointment. My appointment for the NST was at 9:45am. 

9:40am - Checked in, then sat down to wait. While waiting I was happy to see two friends, one I hadn't seen in a very long time, Peaches, that I worked with at girls camp. And the other from our ward, Liz Johnson. We had a nice visit, until they each were called in. 

10:30am - As I went to sit back down from chatting with Liz, I noticed it was now 10:30. I thought it was weird I'd been waiting so long, so I stopped at the desk to find out if they had forgotten me. The same receptionist told me that the NST rooms were a little backed up, and that she thought I would be getting right in. So I sat back down. 



10:45am - starting to get really frustrated! It's been an hour!! 

10:50am - Getting mad! 

10:55am - So mad I think I'm going to cry....

11:00am - Tears start leaking out - but I'm trying to hold them back.....

11:05am - Not having luck holding back the tears - full on tears trickling down my face now. I know I need to go talk to the receptionist - but I feel so silly that I'm crying that I don't want to. I am doing everything I can think of to calm down (breath, go to my calm place, drink water, chew gum, blow my nose, laughing at myself, etc.)

11:10am - Get tears under control - until another patient comes and checks in for an NST (I could hear) and gets called back. The flood of tears really starts coming. At this point I have watched the waiting room fill up and empty twice. Still kind of chuckling at myself too - because I just can't control the tears. At all.

11:15am - Think I have it under control enough now to actually go say something. I walk up to the desk and get out "I'm trying to be reasonable.... " and start sobbing! So hard I couldn't even tell her my name. I felt SOO dumb, which just made it that much worse!  So then I'm half laughing, but mostly crying. And the laughing just makes the tears and crying sound much worse! She asked if I checked in - I told her I did - with her. She asked why I didn't come say something. I told her I did after 45 min - to her. One of the other receptionist couldn't find me and I said my appt had been at 9:45am. She was like WHAT! hahaha

Anyway... it turns out somehow my file got put away instead of in the pile to be called. When I asked at 45 min - she didn't check it. She felt really really bad, I could tell it was an honest mistake. They got me back there right away and everything from there went perfect. Emma was squirmy as usual and has a strong heart beat as usual. 

Dang these extra hormones!!! But I've learned my lesson - next time if I feel like I'm going to cry - get up and talk to someone RIGHT then and make sure they locate my file!! :) Don't let it escalate - geez! hahahahahaha


Razzle Dazzle Berry said...

so sorry. I have been there too. And I was not even prego at the time but waited a really long time for an appt for Madie and I was just so so so mad and tired and overwhelmed that I cried too. *hugs*

Hormones!!!! I am with you on that!

Ana said...

I drove all the way down to an appointment once only to find out my Doctor had just been called in to deliver a baby. I totally started crying. It turns out she hadn't left yet so she saw me anyway. I get ya!