Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Making a come back

Well it's been a while, but here I am. My bestest ever friend (who just turned the big 30 - happy birthday!!!!), Ana, started bogging again and I think I'll follow her example. I think I might try blogging more - rather than hardly ever. So here goes...

I feel the need to give an update on whats going on in my life. Mostly because this is pretty much the only journal I have and someday I still want to print out all my posts. If your only reading for the weight loss stuff - skip to the bottom. :)

I currently work at Stevens Henager in the Registrar office. I love this job - it's very detailed and is challenging. And yet it still allows me to listen to audio books when doing certain tasks - so that's nice too. :D 

I am the Young Woman president in my ward, and that keeps my nights and weekends very busy. We just got home from Youth Conference (a 3 day outing with both the young men and women) and it was a blast!! These kids just totally amaze me!! 

We hired a dog trainer for Willow and we do that once a week and she LOVES it. Greg (her trainer - or I should say our trainer, since he is training us to train her) has an obstacle course that we take her on and it's so good for her. Her behavior is so much better now and continues to get better daily. We considered getting a second dog for a while, but have decided to hold off for now. 

So far I've had four periods this year - which is HUGE! When you only have one a year for about 6 or 7 years, any period deserves a celebration. The fact that the last two were 30 days apart - well you can imagine the excitement! I'll be going to the Dr soon for the yearly checkups, and to see how my numbers are doing. I know they are going to tell me to lose weight, but I have to say even with my weight, I feel like things are going in a good direction. 

Mike was promoted at work to a Manager over a new team and is doing fantastic! I'm so proud of him, as he has worked really really hard to get to this position. He has been one of their top reps for so long and it is nice to finally see him be recognized. It also didn't hurt that he has been compensated for this new position quite well!! :D 

The opportunity to have a baby is coming ever closer! I know that we could have probably made it happen a long time ago. And sometimes that hurts my heart. But I know there are many reasons that we haven't so I'm choosing not to dwell on that, but to look forward to what is to come. With the periods I've been having and the raise that Mike got, I expect that we are being prepared. Until it happens (with some help of course - we'll be getting some testing done soon) we'll keep working on paying off our debt and preparing ourselves spiritually.

I have been in a holding pattern with my weight pretty much for two years. I've had a couple of good spots - like when I was working with the hypnotherapist. But for the most part I've been holding steady at 230ish lbs. I still struggle with binging and controlling what I'm eating. I've recently come to the realization that I have been closing myself off to many good things in my life. Over the last few days the Spirit has really been working on me. While it's been super painful - it's also been so eyeopening and refreshing. I'm moving forward.

Mike and I joined WW together, I'm pretty excited about that. I think doing it together will be really good for us. Good to learn better habits, good to cheer each other on, just good. :) I will NOT quit until I reach goal. No matter what. Never - ever. But seriously, I have quit so many times - I just have to finish this. I posted a note on  my desk this week that says "If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up". No more giving up. Just picking myself up and moving forward.

Well - that's everything... for now.


Joy said...

Wow so many great things going on. That is awesome. !

Stay focused!!!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Welcome back to blogging world! That is super exciting about getting closer to possibly getting preggos!! Your life is busy yet sounds very rewarding! Serving in YW is so awesome. Keep smilin' girl!!