Blogging helps me be a better runner!

I have started training for a 1/2 marathon in April. We have a 10k coming up at the beginning of Dec as well. Today we went running at the local in door track, which I do not love so much. I love being out doors! Anyway, as I was running, I started thinking about my blog. In 2010 when I first really learned how to be a runner, and fell in love with it, I realized it was because of blogging. In 2010 my time spent running, was my time spent with me. It was my time to think, let things go that were bugging me, to pray, and to write blog posts in my head. All this took the focus off my hurting feet, my aching back, my burning lungs, and my thumping heart. As time went on, those painful things all kind of stopped happening - and running was invigorating not only mentally - but physically as well.  And as I focused inward, I was able to just run (be it slowly, but what ever). As I was jogging today, I realized that is what has been missing from my jogs. Now granted, I've only been training consistently for one week, and on and off again over the last month or so. But still, I think if I start do some blogging again, it will help me continue to be consistent and to improve.

I've tinkered with Intuitive Eating for about a year now. And I have learned a lot! I don't think I'll ever be the same when it comes to food - in a good way. However, I don't want to tinker any more. If I am going to be able to be a mom some day, then I need to stop tinkering about and get to work.  I always have this debate in my head - Diet? Or Intuitive Eating? I think I've come to a solution. Both.

I've set some goals for myself that I feel really good and excited about!
1. Run 10k on Dec 3rd.
2. Run 1/2 Marathon on April 14th.
3. Lose 40lbs by April 14th.

It's been a while since I've really allowed myself or even wanted to set a number goal. But it feels right and like it's the right time. Last year I bought a diabetic management book by Bob Greene. I thought it would probably be the best way to manage my Insulin Resistance - and I had also been told it can help a bit with PCOS. This last Monday I started it - basically I am on a 1700 calorie diet with 150ish grams of carbs allowed. I have done so many diets over the years - but funny enough I have never actually just counted calories. So that has taken some adjustment. For exercise I am simply training for my races. I am using Hal Higdon's training plans. 4 weeks of the 5k, then the 10k, then the 1/2 marathon. It will take me right up to my race in April. And then I'm also meeting with (or will be) some women from my church at 6am three times a week to work out. 

I was a little worried about fitting Intuitive Eating in - but it has been easy. Yes, I'm counting calories, but I'm also listening to my body. And if I don't need all the food - I don't eat it. Or if I"m hungry still, I find something that will be filling, and healthy. On Friday night we went out for Indian food (my FAVORITE!!!!). I didn't overeat though, and I felt proud of myself. We also stopped at a little bakery we've been wanting to try and I chose a fruit tart. It wasn't that good, and after a little while, I was still craving something sweet. So I had a couple of small scoops of ice cream with some gummy bears from Halloween. Seriously, it was probably only 1/4 cup. After I ate it - I started feeling guilty and talking to myself about starting again tomorrow and yada yada yada. That diet talk was so ingrained, it just came out of me with out even thinking about it. But I stopped myself. I realized, I hadn't done anything wrong. I had a respectable and healthy breakfast and lunch. I did awesome all week, and I had knowingly chosen to let myself have a yummy dinner and treat. And I hadn't gone overboard! I stopped the negative talk and that felt great too! They can coincide!

I am in this to be true to myself
I am in this to be healthy
I am in this to be a better runner
I am in this to allow Mike and I the opportunity to someday be parents
I am in this to lose weight
I am in this!



Joy said…
Sam - this is exciting!!! I know you will reach your goals!!! You can do it!!

Keep focused!
carla said…

Joy said…
Hi Sam!

Thinking of you today! I hope you are doing well!

Keep focused!!!

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