Sam's Bucket List

NSV Bucket List: 
1. Get off Metformin
2. Get off my anti depression meds
3. Get off my anti anxiety meds
4. Have energy again! 
5. Be able to comfortably ride my bike with my daughter
6. Be able to ride my street bike - and being able to breath
7. Be able to tie my shoes without getting out of breath
8. Be able to go down a slide with Emma
9. Be comfortable going on rides with Emma
10. Be comfortable dressing up for Halloween
11.  Get my A1c down within a normal range
12. Get my liver numbers within a normal range
13. Get off my cpap
14. WB
15. PTI
16. Buy an outfit I actually like - instead of one of necessity
17. Increase of sex drive
18. Be able to keep my hair dry when it's done because I am not sweating so much

Fun things to do to celebrate my success:
Float the provo river
Hike A&B
Go snowmobiling
Go river rafting at Jackson Hole
Go to Sun Valley and hike and bike
Hike Angels Landing
Do Triathamom again
Run a 10K
Bike the Jordan parkway from start to finish in one day
Go on a backpacking camping trip
Watch a movie at the park
Go to a drive in movie
Try cross country skiing
Learn to snowboard
Get a 90 minute massage
Go to a Josh Groban concert
Learn to play the violin
Run in the rain
Go down the scary slides at a water park - DONE!!!